UI MarCom 3

Links Stable Dark theme

Links are anywhere where hyperlinks refer to other pages. There are different link modifications to fit a variety of purposes.

A simple link appears underlined in text paragraphs.

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Linked object

Standard links or linked objects that are not shown inline are not underlined but require a supporting icon. The right pointing angle is most commonly used to indicate a link to another page. But there can also be used other icons, to underpin the specific function.

TelephoneMailDownload link [885kB]
TelephoneMailDownload link [885kB]

Linked objects with applied light and dark theming

Multiple links that offer similar destinations can be combined into a link list. Link list items require a supporting icon and are not underlined.

Link list itemLink list itemLink list item
Link list itemLink list itemLink list item

Link list with applied light and dark theming

For the right usage of links please be aware of the Interaction Concept.

Dos and don’ts

  • Do not use links with icons that are not part of the icon library.
  • Do not use the icons on inline links in copy text.