About UI MarCom

The User Interface for Marketing and Communications (UI MarCom) is developed with digital touchpoints in mind like our Siemens Healthineers websites, email newsletters, and marketing apps. This UI framework is suitable when your project is more about communication measures and less about functionality for the end-user. The system consists of design guidelines and working code.


The goals of the design system include improving UI consistency and quality, making the design and development process more efficient and focused, establishing a shared vocabulary between designer and developer, and providing clear, discoverable guidance around design and development best practices.

Designing with UI MarCom

To quickly create new user interfaces for marketing & communications of Siemens Healthineers products designers should internalize the design concepts and may explore the possibilities of utilizing the vast available common components.

Developing with UI MarCom

To rapidly developing new prototypes of sites or applications developers get started with the integration of the component library into their project. Then simply grab the desired components and bring your ideas to life — ready to go into production and benefit maintenance updates in future.

UI MarCom is ready to be used in multiple code implementations. Style and behavior are implemented mainly separately in the components. Applications based on vendor frameworks such as React, Angular or Ember make use of the HTML snippets and the accompanying sassy CSS. Sites that only base on CSS and Vanilla JS can additionally include the JavaScript files to complement some behavior as seen on this documentation.


For further support, you may contact ui-marcom.team@siemens-healthineers.com.