UI MarCom

Application Bar Stable

The Application Bar is the area at the top of a website or solution that contains the branding, application name, overall user information and off-content functions.

<uimc-application-bar app-identifier="">

app-identifierAdds an app-identifier with the given text
SlotSlotted content
additional-functionsSlot for elements/components that provide addtional functionalities (e.g. a search field)
meta-menuSlot for meta level functionalities like a contact link or button
user-identifierSlot for the user identifier component

Standard bar

Log inRegister
<uimc-application-bar app-identifier="App Identifier">
  <uimc-user-identifier id="user-identifier" slot="user-identifier">
    <uimc-menu id="login-menu">
      <uimc-menu-item id="login-button">Log in</uimc-menu-item>
  <uimc-meta-menu slot="meta-menu" items='[{
    "label": "Contact",
    "icon": "email",
    "url": "#"