UI MarCom

Component Library Changelog



  • Add Covered Stage component
  • Add Covered Card component
  • Add Eye Catcher component
  • Add new icon set
  • Developers guide for migrating from 2.x to 3.x
  • Explain integration of Javascript and SCSS components
  • Technical documentation of the interfaces of all web components
  • Make all Lit Elements extendable through export-statements
  • Include international web font subsets of SH-Bree-Headline V1.4


  • Update Date Time Picker web component
  • Eliminate compiling error regarding the installed package
  • Solve Search Field and auto suggest issues
  • Fix Filtered Select for Country and Language Selector
  • Solve Application Footer issues
  • Add useful hooks for callback functions
  • Fix some found minor incidents
  • Fix elevation shadow on hovered cards



  • All components available as Web Components
  • Country and Language Selector arrives
  • More than 250 round shaped country flags are now included



  • Font update to SH-Bree-Headline V1.4
  • Introduce a new default Link style
  • The new Text Button reveals background on hover
  • Apply corporate hover states to
    • Collection with link items
    • Menu with link items
  • Apply new link styles on Footer Sitemap and Legal links
  • Put Hero Block title on black background on small viewports


  • Date-Time-Picker shows selected date now correctly
  • Steps Bar items can now reflect states independently

2.0.0 - 2.3.0

  • Colors have been updated per the brand design update for background colors, additional colors and functional colors. There is also a new accessible Orange, Petrol, Red, and Green for when needed to meet AA level contrast requirements.

  • Typography has been updated to now include Siemens Sans with a larger base font size for easier reading of longer articles.

  • Spacing system is now defined and available to ensure consistent spacing between elements and simplify understanding for user.

  • States concept for common interactive elements like hover, focus, active, disabled is now available.

  • Component status for an overview of all the components where you may find what is new or has been updated in latest release

  • Cards is now an official component that can be reused for various applications. We have added a new hover state and elevation to this component.

  • There has been alignment with our product team for common elements such as Date-Time-Picker, Textfield, and Tabs so that we have a consistent experience for our users across touchpoints.

  • Buttons and Textfield components now show various versions for the three main background colors: white, gray, black.

  • Navigation Bar and Footer now have a “Dark theme” version available in addition to the light theme version. See “Code” tab for details.